Kitchen Demo

Before we could bring all our fancy new stuff in we had the arduous task of ripping out all the old stuff out .  We were putting it off for as long as possible so we would be kitchen-less for as little time as possible.
Out with the OLD…

The Friday before the cabinet installation quickly  rolled around so we dove into the demo Friday night.  Promising ourselves we WOULD NOT leave everything to the last minute (Sunday Night).  I swear, we really did get a good jump on things.  However, Saturday and Sunday somehow slipped by and we quickly found ourselves prying up the floor at 1AM Monday morning.

The easiest part was taking down the cabinets.  We were as careful as possible taking them down because we have plans to re-install them in the garage for some extra storage space.  

    Pure chaos
    Ripping up the old kitchen flooring was by far the most time consuming.  It was simple enough, we used our circular saw to cut large square pieces in the floor, and then used a hammer and crow bar to pry the chip board up.  We then used a steel flooring remover to chip away at the glue.

    1AM Monday morning >:-/
    In the end the our least favorite part of the demo was pulling up the left over staples.  We used pliers to rip them out, and it. was. terrible.  Since we’re replacing the carpet with laminate flooring we have many more staples to pull blerg 🙁

    But, the demo is done!  The next few Huthbert remodeling happenings will be Cabinet installation, wall tear down, new window AND flooring!

    Stuff we used:

    • Circular Saw, hammer, small crowbar, steel flooring remover, screwdriver, pliers, broom, trash can, industrial trash bags, goggles, gas mask, vacuum 

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