The Wall is GONE!!

You may recall from the Stupid Wall Post we were planning on taking out a giant wall  in our house.

Here are some before pictures . . . .

Some during photos. . . .

As I said in the last post, we hired out for this as we don’t have enough blind  courage to tackle a load bearing wall by ourselves.  If anybody needs a contractor in the Olympia/Lacy area let us know; we can’t say enough great things about the contractors we used.

Annndd the wall is gone!! PLUS we have a nice new window to let in all that PNW sunshine (haha… it’s a joke, get it?  There is no sun here 😉 ).

At some point the the furnace breaker blew so BH and I had to bundle up for a few days while our heat was out.  He didn’t seem to mind.

Yay!!!  Getting through this was a big step in the remodel.  Once the contractors finished up we were able to start putting in the flooring.. which I’ll get to in a different post.  For now, we’re so excited to have that wall out of there!  We can already tell how much more useable our downstairs space is going to be with the removal of the wall!  Couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to get rid of it!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hello, I’d like to do something similar. Can you give me the cost of removing the wall (minus that of adding the window)? Thanks

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