Kitchen Remodel Update: The Farmhouse Sink Installation!!

I wrote about our kitchen sink arriving awhile ago.  It was also installed awhile ago but I’m just now getting around to sharing it πŸ™‚

To refresh your memory we went with an enameled cast iron for its durability.  After doing price/tax/shipping cost comparing we found the best deal at

Installing the farmhouse sink was a combination of the contractor we hired to mount our cabinets (yes, we were too chicken to install the cabinets ourselves) and Grandpil (who is a licensed plumber in Washington/Oregon).  The contractor set the sink and got it all secured and ready before the granite guys came in.  Grandpil did all the plumbing with JG/me as his helper (more like beer maid).

Yeah, you can tell how long ago this actually happened because there are no floors πŸ™‚  I’m a  procrastinator :-/  Grandpil was not thrilled about plumbing the farmhouse sink… he said they were annoying to plumb.. I don’t remember why, but he had some reason to not love them.

The faucet is a Delta Leland Kitchen Single Handle Pull Down Faucet, Stainless Steel.  We found the best price on Amazon (if you know of a better price or place to look let me know).

WooHoo!  We love our sink!  Having an under-mount sink is glorious.

See the weird thing to the right of the sink?  It’s an air gap…..  I’ve never seen these before moving to Washington (maybe I wasn’t paying attention).  They aren’t required in Oregon but are required in Washington state.  If you’re interested or need to know what an air gap is watch this video (If you have an air gap you should watch this video because apparently they can become clogged and you have to clean them?).

I hate our yellow lighting.

And here’s a little bit of a more recent/better shot of the sink plus a sneak peak at the cabinets πŸ™‚ 


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      Thanks Emi! We love it! Sometimes I wish we had bought a one basin sink instead of a two though. It’s going to be hard to move away from our pretty sink πŸ™

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    Finally, your sink has been installed. Yay! It looks great and classy in my opinion. I’m glad that you hired a plumber to do this, not because you were too ‘chicken’ to do it yourself, but you just want an assurance that everything will be properly installed.

    Levi @

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    Hooray for your new kitchen sink! You’ve done a great combination on your faucet, sink and countertops. I hope Grandpil worked meticulously during the installation to prevent leaks and water damages in the future. You’re having awesome progress with your remodeling project, by the way. Are you done with the renovation? πŸ™‚

    George Fryer

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      Thanks so much! We are SOO close to being done it hurts. We put the backsplash up about a week ago and just have a few finishing touches to finish. After that all we really have left is the lighting, hood installation and glass for the hutch! It’ll be exciting to have it all done πŸ™‚

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