Kitchen Remodel Update: The Cabinets!!

Today we’re finally sharing the kitchen cabinets we had installed almost a year ago.  Yeah, slow, I know.  Better late than never 🙂
Everything in the old kitchen was functional minus the oven and dishwasher(They worked, but were low quality and didn’t do their job very well so we didn’t feel too bad replacing them).  

All the other appliances were easy sales on craigslist.  The old cabinets were re-installed in the garage (I’ll post that later).  

When we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the kitchen remodel we didn’t really know where to start.  We knew that we weren’t confidant enough to make or install our own cabinetry, or maybe we’re just lazy, or both.  If you’re interested in making your own cabinets check out Killer B. Designs Handbuilt Vintage Kitchen or any of Ana White’s Cabinet plans.  On top of not being confident enough to build our own we’ll likely be moving sometime in 2015.   So, sometimes we have to pick and choose what projects we hire out and what projects we tackle ourselves, largely because of the amount of time certain jobs would take us.
As I said, we didn’t know where to start.  So we contacted Cabinets by Trivonna and asked for a consult.  Trivonna came out the next day and helped us start designing our future kitchen.  We gave her some of our ideas, showed her some pictures and she worked with us to create a few different sketch ups with a few different price tags and different layouts.  We chose the plan we liked best and went with the Belmont off white Shaker design.  We also hired out for the actual cabinet installation.   Trivonna was able to recommend an outstanding contractor who we also hired to take down the stupid wall I previously wrote about.  If you’re looking for a cabinet designer in the Tacoma, Lacy, Olympia, Dupont area- I can’t recommend Trivonna enough.  This is not a sponsored post, we were just really happy using Trivonna.  If we live in this house long enough we would definitely use her again for other cabinet remodels:-)
Above are the cabinets after delivery and the kitchen demo.  
Below is a play by play of the cabinet installation 🙂
It was so exciting to finally have cabinets!  I really think the off-white paint makes the whole kitchen area seem bigger.  The granite was installed about a week after the cabinets were installed.  We put some cardboard  over them for protection.  We ate a lot of real classy meals during the kitchen remodel.  . . .  
That’s our pal J’mai joining us for said classy meals 🙂
 I’ll share more details on the cabinets/kitchen in a future post.   
Again, here’s the finished product! 

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  1. Anonymous says

    You kitchen looks great! I’d like to ask why you decided to put the cabinet pulls with the handle edge in the corner. You often see knobs in that position, but handles are usually a little lower (or higher) than the exact corner. Anyway, I put satin nickel curved pulls in the same position as yours and I’ve been second guessing myself ever since.

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