Powder Room Vanity, Sink, Toilet, Lighting, & Wall Plans

The current state of the bathroom:
At least the tile is done?  I’ll post about that later this week.
Why does it look like this?  
  1. Because I am stubborn.  
  2. Because I have a plumber for a dad 
  3. Because I really love the vanity plans I drew up
When Grandpil looked at the plans he noticed that the current plumbing wouldn’t work with the vanity plans.  He suggested I change the vanity plans to work with the plumbing we had.  I scoffed at the idea and said “Why?  Grandpil, you’re here for the weekend.  Why don’t we just raise the sink plumbing to make it work???” I remember the first time my dad did plumbing work in the house.. it ended up looking like this…

This is from when we tore down the load bearing wall.  It had a drain pipe running through it so we had to route it a different way.  In Grandpil’s defense, we were tearing this wall down so we weren’t worried about putting holes in it.  AND many of the holes were from other things, like trying to figure out joist set up, fire place removal stuff, etc.
 It was after this project I realized all that money you shell out for a plumber doesn’t include them fixing your hole ridden drywall.  I think I knew that, but didn’t realize how much damage a plumber might need to inflict in order to do his or her job.  Not that I expected my dad’s free plumbing to come with free drywall patches it was just eye opening to see the true expense of a remodel when you don’t DIY (or don’t have a plumber dad).  I asked my dad how much he thought the powder room re-plumb would cost me if I hired a plumber and he said $700-$800… Seriously?  All we’re doing is raising the drain plumbing a few inches, seems pretty simple.  When we actually got into the thick of it, I understood a little more why it would cost so much.. it sucked, was tedious and hard.  I do not find plumbing rewarding at all.  When one finally crosses plumbing off the “to-do” list, it adds 15 more things to your  already long list of things to do.  If my dad didn’t live close there are very few plumbing projects I would feel comfortable doing myself.  Without a doubt, if my dad was not around to help I would have re-worked my vanity plans to work with the current plumbing.
So, the reason I’m talking about all this plumbing stuff, is because we re-plumbed for the vanity I want to build for the powder room.  So, I’ll finally talk about said vanity.

Vanity (rough) Plans:

I drew up some plans for the vanity I’d like to build which is a combination of this (pioneer woman vanity)this (decor and the dog), and this.
This is a very rough drawing of what the vanity will (hopefully) look like.  The actual dimensions for the shelves, width, height are all actuate.  Otherwise the slats, and the depth of the vanity is TBD.  The middle shelf is why we had to move the plumbing.  We moved it up instead of down because I wanted the bottom shelf to be my “functional shelf” where I put baskets full of bathroom supplies.

Toilet, Sink, and Lighting Plans

The Toilet:

Once the tile is in the first thing going into the powder room is a toilet.  One of the first things Grandpil said when we bought the house was that the toilets were terrible.  The toilets have lived up Grandpil’s standards.  While they DO work they’re prone to malfunction.  Since this house will eventually be a rental the old toilets had to go.  The last thing we want to deal with is a malfunctioning toilet from afar.  The only advice Grandpil gave us when choosing a new toilet was that it needed to have a 3 inch flapper (better suck power for flushing or something).  We actually already replaced one of our toilets upstairs with an oval shaped toilet (with 3 inch flapper).  Although the toilet is much better made and hasn’t given us any problems I’m not a fan of the oval shape, just seems  to long and big.

We decided to go with the KOHLER memoirs Stately Comfort Height 2 Piece Toilet.  It met Grandpil’s specifications (3 inch Flapper), and I like the detail on top of the bowl.  I plan on tackling the toilet installation by myself, it happens to be one of the few plumbing projects I feel comfortable DIYing

The Sink:

 We wanted a white rectangle vessel sink.  We decided to go with the American Standard Sutdio Vessel Sink.  Haven’t ordered it yet, but it’s in the plans.


Planning on This  Progress Archie Collection 2 Light in Antique Nickel.  Again haven’t ordered it yet incase something else catches my eye.

Wall Detail:

The only other thing we need to decide is what wall detail we want.  Paneling, wainscoting or tile are what we are trying to decide between.  For about a day I contemplated putting a window in, but nixed the idea when I thought about how much longer the bathroom remodel would take with getting permits and permission from our HOA on top of the actual time and effort to instal the window.  All of the bathrooms I’ve been swooning over on my Pinterest Bathroom Board  have wall detail.  The only thing I’m finding difficult is that they ALL have windows and beautiful natural lighting, which my bathroom lacks.

At this point I am leaning towards paneling.. or maybe a hybrid panel/wainscoting-ish look?  I really like this bathroom remodel from Remodelaholic  I like the way the paneling is trimmed out.  The bathroom is also lovely without any natural light.

Welp, that’s where we’re at with the bathroom remodel.  I’ll make a quick post later this week showing what the tile looks like under all that (current) plumbing/drywall mess.

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