What’s Going on Upstairs: 2nd Floor Remodel

I just posted about the Loft Fourth Bedroom Conversion w/ Pocket Doors.  So I figured I’d give a quick update on our general plans for the upstairs….

The following two photos show what the new room looks like along with what the new pocket doors look like while shut.

Here’s the general plan (numbers are in random order):

  1. Hire an electrician to move the wire blocking the linen closet:  I’ll make a post about the actual linen closet.  Long story short, we knocked down some drywall and gave up a little space in our master bedroom to have an actual linen closet.
  2. Frame out door to future linen closet (forgot to add: add shelving, and add door to linen closet)
  3. Finish drywalling the inside and outside of the linen closet
  4. Rip up carpet and install hardwood
  5. Replace all tan doors
  6. Trim out all doors
  7. Paint (everything):  Ceiling will be white, walls will likely be Behr Manhattan Mist in eggshell, trim will be white
  8. Light Fixtures:  Replace them; if anybody has any suggestions we’d love to see them.  We’re wanting fixtures that give off a lot of light, and we’re leaning towards flush mount lighting, but are open.
  9. Finish window bench:  again this will be a separate post, but we’ve built a window bench at the end of the hallway.  It’s done,  just needs paint and trim.  JG wants to paint it a color.. I’d like to just keep it white… I suggested painting it gray, and he said gray didn’t count as a color (true).  I’m just not sure what color to go with, maybe blue?
  10. Trim out Window
  11. Add trim to Bi-fold doors:  I’ve been seeing a lot of people in blogland adding trim onto their flat hollow core doors.  I’m thinking about something along the lines of THESE DOORS for our current bi-fold doors.
  12. Baseboards
  13. Trim out attic access:  It currently has shredded drywall hanging off it.  In general it’s in pretty sad shape.

Here’s a view from the window bench:

The only things I see from this picture that I forgot to mention is building new closet shelves in the loft closet and The Boy’s room, and replacing/painting the banister.
So, as of now that’s the plan!  I figure laying everything out will make it a little easier to follow as we go along.

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