DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Media Console

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We’ve been wanting to build a TV stand/media console since we moved to Texas.  When we lived in Washington we owned our house and didn’t mind mounting it on the wall. Now that we’ll be renting/moving often (even by military standards) for the next few years we figured being able to mount the tv to a sturdy cabinet (and mounting said sturdy cabinet to the wall) might be preferable to putting holes in the wall of a house we may only live in for 9-12 months.  Also,  I hate media junk: cords, dvd players, computers, controllers, etc.  So that was one of my only stipulations for picking out a media cabinet/ TV Console: Hide ALL the media junk!!

This little number (pictured below), was at one time The Boy’s lofted bed.  He slept on the bottom, never actually slept up there, just played.  He’s since outgrown it, so sometime last year we semi-dismantled it and made it into our makeshift tv stand.  It worked well enough but definitely didn’t  cover my hide all the media junk stipulation.

Before printers console


After skimming through the internet we found  a beautiful cabinet built by Jen Woodhouse.  It’s this beautiful  Restoration Hardware knock off, based off the Restoration Hardware’s Printmaker’s Sideboard.  You can find the FREE plans at Ana White’s site!  We followed the plans for the most part, and made a few minor modifications.

diy triple printer console restoration hardware

The big changes we made were:

    • Used a solid wood panel (3/4″ x 20″ x 72″) instead of plywood for the top/sides.  We picked it up at Lowes but I can’t seem to find it on their website.  We are both sold on the solid wood paneling, especially for furniture making.  We both really like the look over plywood.
    • Instead of sliding drawers we made the top drawer faces flip down.  Partly out of laziness (making drawers isn’t fun) but we mainly tweaked it this way since this will be a media console; so having drawer faces flip down makes sense for dvd players and other media junk we’ll be putting there.
    • We added Roller Catchs to keep the drawers shut. Below is a picture of where we put them-  If you have little ones  these are great at keeping them out of the drawers/cabinets.

Roller Catches for media console

Although the Printers Console looks daunting and detailed everything is pretty simple and straightforward building wise.

DIY Restoration Hardware Knockoff

Below is a picture of connecting the two frames and adding sides, bottom and upper shelf.  Everything is connected via kreg jig/pocket holes.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Media Console

Instead of using plywood for the top shelf we used scrap 1×2’s from The Boy’s dismantled bed.  The random 1×4 attached below the shelf is something we added to anchor our tv to the back of this stand (We plan on anchoring the console to the wall too).

After the frame was all done up I spent a little time distressing the wood.  Then moved on to staining.  I mixed some random amount of Early American, Gray, and Walnut together and used many, many coats of satin poly, with a lot of sanding in between coats.

Restoration Hardware Base DIY

After completing the shell we started putting together the drawer faces…

Restoration hardware drawer front


In order to make the faux drawers look more realistic I distressed each and every piece using  a trowel, drywall knife, and rubbing/banging them on my driveway.

DIY Restoration hardware inspired

We attached the drawer faces(lower and upper) with Liberty Non-Mortise Concealed Spring Hinge .

Hardware D lawless for retoration hardware diy

We ordered Antique Brass Cup Pull Label Holders from D. Lawless Hardware and looooove the look!

Restoration Hardware Inspired Consol Inside

We’ve been using this since May and have been so happy with it!  It stores so much stuff!  In the giant lower cupboards I keep a sewing machine, giant laser printer, and random sewing stuff.  In the upper spaces we keep actual media stuff.

Restoration Hardware inspired DIY



Diy Restoration Hardware