DIY Framed Chalkboard

Baby H has a play area upstairs and one downstairs.  Originally I wanted to do a chalkboard wall in the upstairs loft area. I thought it’d be super fun, but JG quickly nixed that idea (In the end I’m glad he did).  So we ended up compromising on a big framed chalkboard.

After a small hiccup with my homemade chalkboard paint (I didn’t properly mix in all the clumps), things went smoothly.


-2 pieces of fussy molding (THIS is very similar to the pieces we used, but not the exact same piece)
-2’x4′ Smooth surfaced board
-Spray Paint + can for touch ups
-Paintable Caulk

Home Made Chalkboard Paint-
-2TB Unsanded Grout (We used a can of tester paint from Home Depot, just a couple bucks for any color!)
-1 Cup Flat Finish Latex Paint
-Foam roller

-Miter Saw (For Frame)
-Foam Roller (For chalkboard paint)
-Power Drill
-Chalking  Gun
-Nail Gun (used it for mounting)

For the chalkboard paint I used Behr Elephant skin.  This was originally one of our potential paint colors for the downstairs, it didn’t make the cut (too dark), but the paint sample was more than enough for my 2’x4′ flat board.  For the frame I used Rust-Oleum’s Sun Yellow spray paint (leftover paint from Baby H’s Letter H Shelf and Maddison Changing Table).

I mixed the grout directly in the paint cup, shook it up and used a fork to smoosh all the clumps.  My first attempt at making the chalkboard was an epic fail.  My board had lumps and bumps all over the place and looked terrible.  Fortunately my second attempt went much smoother.

Testing the chalkboard…..   To avoid ghost impressions by chalking the entire surface  and then erase.  

After painting the board, we moved onto cutting the frame pieces.  We mitered the pieces at a 45 degree angle and painted the pieces sun yellow.

After the cutting and painting they sat here for awhile. . . .

 After about a week or two of sitting we finally had time to start putting everything together.

We  clamped everything together and used small screws to attach the board directly onto the frame  from the back.  Normally when people make frames they staple the mitered edges together. . .  For this, we did not, and it seems fine.

We drilled pilot holes from the back for the screws to avoid any frame cracking.

Next up I filled in any gaps between the board/frame and mitered corners with caulking

Painted any visible caulking on the corners.  The visible caulking on the inside board/frame corner I left white.

Have we told you how much we LOVE caulking?  It makes terrible gappy work look amazing.  We are currently working on finishing up our baseboard project and caulking has been such a life saver.

Before mounting it I played around with some chalk. . .  While my back was turned Baby H decided to help. . . . . . .

I have a feeling the chalkboard is going to be messier than I anticipated..  Hopefully having it mounted on the wall makes it a little less messy???  *Slapping self on forehead for thinking we could ever dream of keeping a dark floor clean*

We decided to nail the chalkboard directly into the wall with our nail gun. . .  It needs to be extra secure; at this point Baby H will mostly be hanging on it and desperately trying to eat the chalk. . .

I need to work on my chalk art skills.

Total Cost:  I did a bad job of keeping track of costs on this project.   If I had to estimate I think we spent about $18 on the frame, $10 on the board $5 on paint/spray paint and $5 on Caulking.  The paint, spray paint, and caulking is all stuff we had left over from projects so about $25-$40 depending on what supplies you have lying around.

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