The Nursery

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Over the last few months we had to put the blog on the back burner while we finished up all of our house projects in preparation of moving/renting the house out. They were all 90% complete which was fine for us but not for renters.  Over the next few months the goal is to share the finished house updates.  I really wanted to post in real time, but it just wasn’t feasible with the impending move to the Lone Star State AND our newest addition hereby known  on the blog as The Girl (TG). She’s a very happy baby who sometimes sleeps through the night and thinks her big brother is just about the greatest thing ever.

The Girl


This nursery was the first room we painted in the house (three years ago).  At the time it was to be a nursery for our boy. By the time we moved The Boy had moved into a big boy room, and the nursery became The Girl’s room.  For the first year or so it was only updated with a fresh coat of paint; fast forward three years  and we have an actual finished bedroom AND closet (the closet update will be a separate post), just in time to move out 😉

Hayden Room Before


Above are a few less than perfect before shots.  The previous owners took great care of the house and yard, but made zero updates… I hated, HATED the doors, trim and wall paint.  The house interior had never been painted from it’s original builder spray job. The entire house was a bland tanish-pinkish eyesore, in desperate need of fresh paint.  At the time The Boy was still sleeping in our room, so we figured it was a good time to get paint on the walls. We used a semi-gloss Behr Manhattan Mist, and  Behr flat bright white ceiling paint.


Door Trim Progress shotcraftsman knock-off window trim progress


2 years later we finally:

Replacing the trim and doors in this room made such a big difference!  I used a mix of 1×4, 1×6 and 1×2 boards for the door and window trim and painted it all in Behr ultra pure white high gloss.  If it was just us living in the house I wouldn’t have used such a high gloss, but with it being a rental I figured the easier to wipe down the better.  As for the doors we used pre-hung doors from Lowes and installed them using the Quick Door Hanger system (*Affiliate Link*).  The EZ door hanger system made our door hanging experience quick and painless, we ended up hanging 12 doors and the EZ door hangers were a life saver!

Here’s the finished product 🙂

Nursery craftsman trim

nursery craftsman trim

Nursery craftsman trim

There isn’t much up on the walls because I didn’t bother taking the after pictures until we were getting ready to rent the house out..and we’re not great at decorating anyways.

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We have many mixed emotions about moving out of our Washington house.  Sad and excited because we put so much work into it and really loved living in it all the while we’re also excited for our next big adventure in Texas.  We’ll be renting a home and will have more time for wood working projects (bed frames, table chairs, toys a tv stand, coasters, etc).