Powder Room Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain Tile Floor

After the demo was complete I started in on the floor.  I liked Everyday Enchanting‘s floor so we went with Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain in 12×24 and 6×24.  When I bought two different sized tiles I wasn’t entirely sure what type of pattern I was going to create.  I knew I wanted to make some type of border along the room perimeter.  Creating a tile border makes it much easier to deal with wonky-non-square rooms.  I played around a little with the tile until I came up with the 12×24 tiles making a border around the edges and the 6×12 being the tile in the center.  

I also dabbled in doing some type of herringbone pattern in the center.  In the end I decided to keep it simple. The space is pretty small and I thought a herringbone pattern might be too busy for this space.

Pulling up floor/Demo:

You can read about the demo here:

Leveling Floor:

This wasn’t too bad.  I used a 4 ft level to find any uneven surfaces on the subfloor and applied floor patch accordingly.

Laying Cement Board:

I didn’t take any pictures of laying the cement board because it was terrible, messy, and I was frustrated during most of this part.
Although I was annoyed with this step, it was pretty straight forward.  Make sure your floor is level, cut pieces to fit (make sure the seams of the cement board don’t line up), spread thin set, screw in with cement board screws and tape seems.  After everything was dry I checked to make sure everything was still nice and level.   Poof, ready to dry fit tile pieces.

Laying Tile:

The above pictures are my dry-cut tile run.  I decided to hold off on cutting the back tiles until the other tiles were down and secured with thin set. I left that back wall until the end because if I had any mistakes I wanted them to be on that back row hidden by the toilet and vanity.  I also decided to make the back border skinny instead of any of the middle (non-boarder) pieces since nobody  is going to be seeing that back border (and most likely not noticing if those pieces are skinnier than the rest of the border).


Ready for grout!  Can you find my two cutting mistakes?  They’ll be covered up and unnoticeable when everything is said and done.  I used a warm gray grout from Lowes.
ANNDDD after the haze was wiped off. . . .
I took this picture during the day with the door and window open (hence the shadows) to get some natural light in there.
All done!  Really happy with how it turned out.  I plan on putting a few smaller tiles in the threshold.
I’d like to thank nap time, bed time, a lot of beer, and an awesome neighbor who watched The Boy while I  finish this project (you know who you are 🙂  )
Next up for this project I’m planning on finishing the walls 🙂