DIY Wood Elephant Stacker Toy

Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoy home renovations.  A finished home reno project is so satisfying. However, after 2.5 years of living in a construction zone I think both JG and I are sick of them at this point and would really just like the house to be done so we can do fun stuff like toys, and furniture (like a bed frame because our mattress currently resides on the floor).  There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the home renovations, but we’re still aways off.  Our goal is to finish the house by October.   Despite spending pretty much all free time on the house sometimes we make time for fun projects.  This elephant stacker was a small vacation from home reno projects 🙂

After making Wood Cat Stackers I was hooked and wanted to make my own animal stacker pattern.  I quickly found out it’s a lot harder to make puzzle patterns than I anticipated.  After a few failed attempts at an creating a pattern with owls, and multiple animals I finally settled on making an elephant stacker.  It took me a few tries but I ended up with this pattern…


Wood Elephant Stacker Toy


If you’re thinking… “Dorris….  I’m sorry.  But those look like ant eaters, NOT elephants..”  You’re probably right…  and I would 1/2 way agree with you.  I think about 1/2 of them look like legit elephants, and the other half look something like awkward ant eaters…  I’ll go ahead and call this pattern a work in progress…  But I was antsy  to get started and called it a day with the pattern drawing.


I used the same process I used for making the cat stacker.   Using temporary spray adhesive to stick the pattern to the wood.  If you don’t have temporary spray adhesive you can just tape the pattern to the wood (but spray adhesive is way easier).

elephant stacker mounted on wood



After the pattern was glued to the wood I went ahead and cut it out with my scroll saw.  I used 2″ maple wood.


Pattern Cut out


To cut the elephants I used my scroll saw.  After they were cut I dyed them with Turmeric and coffee/tea.  I tried adding Alum(supposed to make dyes stay longer) to both dyes but neither dye seems to last for extended periods, maybe for a few months and then it fades. I put a beeswax finish on them (after wood burning), but it doesn’t seem to save the color.


stacked and dyed


Testing the stack-ability 😉  I used a pencil to draw the details I wanted burnt on with my wood burner…


And here’s the finished product!  I waited until after using my wood burner to add my beeswax/mineral oil finish.


Elephant Wood Stacker Toy For Kids


2stacked wooden toy elephants


3 elephant wood stacker finished

4 elephant wood stacker




Very happy with the results.  Although I will fully admit, they don’t get stacked very often.  they get played with a lot, and actually frequent the bath often.  We have some wood cats in there too(the bath) and they seem to hold up pretty well in the water, which surprised me.  It makes me want to make a whole little zoo of wood animals for H.